From the mountains to the sea, linnieDREW FASHION/SKINCARE/FRAGRANCE is a travel, resort, Lifestyle Brand, that believes everyone should 'Live Life Like You're on Holiday Everyday!' 

linnieDREW resort and free flowing loungewear for woman and unisex all natural skin care products, and fragrances are an entire mindful, immersive lifestyle brand that can be incorporated in any busy health conscious jet-setters. 

Within the FASHION brand of linnieDREW you will find simplistically chic garments that are exceptionally comfortable, and travel easily.  From glorious kaftans and wide-leg, breathable linens, to vibrantly colored one shoulder dresses, the linnieDREW woman is able to effortlessly look and feel like a goddess. 

The linnieDREW brand also offers unisex SKINCARE and FRAGRANCE, including but not limited to, FRAGRANT SHEAS, scrubs, and after shower oils. linnieDREW appeals to the masses due to its unique scents and wide range of uses and applications.  This allows men and women alike to indulge in their skincare ritual, and makes it a one-of-a-kind, personalized experience. 


The Granddaughter of LENNIE DREW...

The creator and visionary of linnieDREW;  Lyntoya Williamson, a Certified Reiki Practitioner and Los Angeles native, is passionate about wellness, fashion and natural skincare.  Her mission of combining FASHION/SKINCARE/FRAGRANCE as a lifestyle is to offer the world the true benefit of earth's natural resources which has materialized in what is now known as, the linnieDREW Lifestyle. 

With over 10 years in fashion and high-end retail,  Williamson started designing clothes for herself and friends in 2005.  By 2010, she began experimenting with Raw African Shea Butter and studying the benefits of raw natural materials.  This research began the development of combining her love for comfortable loungewear and skincare products that she felt would not only enhance ones appearance, but also our overall health within the pursuit of happiness.  In 2011,  linnieDREW FASHION/SKINCARE/FRAGRANCE was born as a tribute to her late grandmother, Lennie Drew Lee, who was also a seamstress, with amazing skin and always wore an inviting scent. 



"I have always loved fashion and could't stand the feeling of being dry. Like, having my skin feel dry is like nails on a chalkboard! How can you enjoy the energy of an amazing outfit if you literally feel uncomfortable in your own skin!" -Lyn

"My fashion influences as a child was of course my mom and my fathers sister. All I can say is HALSTON, HALSTON, HALSTON.  They both always dressed to kill and always smelled AMAZING!  My mom wore scents such as OBSESSION by CALVIN KLEIN, and POISON by DIOR. My aunt, PERSCRIPTIVES by CALYX !" -Lyn

"I got tired of buying moisturizers that didn't moisturize, and I just couldn't continue to spend my money on something that I thought I could do better. So I did just that! I did it better for me...Then everyone showed such appreciation for what I was doing and wanted to buy it, and so, here I am."-Lyn