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linnieDREW (Inspired by my grandmother) is my way of creating a legacy within my family tree. My grandmother was from Minden, Louisianan. She moved to California to provide a better life for her and her four children--two boys and two girls.

My grandmother was a woman to be reckoned with. Everyone new that Ms. Lennie didn't play that! She was a very strong woman with a great sense of style. She had great skin and always smelled so good; and could she cook! For the holidays she made the best German Chocolate cakes-- from scratch. When I was a child, my mother would only allow me to have one slice of that glorious cake. I swore to myself that when I grew up that I would have as many slices as I wanted. 

Lennie Drew Lee was a tall beautiful woman; she was once approached while shopping in a department store by a scout from Max Factors to be a model for the cosmetics line. But, because she was head of her household she declined - due to the lack of support.

My desire and goal is to live out a dream that could have been a reality for Lennie Drew Lee.

Posted on February 26, 2014 .