The linnieDREW brand is named in honor of founder creatorLyntoya Williamson's grandmother, Lennie Drew Lee. Lennie was a seamstress/designer and the mother of four children. Lyntoya is the first born of Lennie's youngest daughter, Linda Williamson. 

Lennie raised her children in Menden, a small town in Louisiana. She later moved to Los Angeles, California when her youngest Linda was a pre-teen, where she began working as a domestic worker and also a seamstress to provide a second income for her household.  One day, not to soon after she moved to Los Angeles while she was shopping in a department store, Lennie was approached by a representative from Max Factors (one of the top make-up brands at the time) to model for their cosmetic line.  As much as Lennie wanted to explore that exciting offer for the cosmetic brand, she declined due to the fact that she had four children, Linda being the youngest, who needed her at home. 

The linnieDREW FASHION/SKINCARE/FRAGRANCE was founded in honor of the love and sacrifices that Lennie endured during her time with her family. linnieDREW FASHION/SKINCARE/FRAGRANCE will continue to honor her beautiful legacy.