All-Over Body Spray


All-Over Body Spray

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All of our parfums are rejuvenating and come in handy when one's spirits need to be lifted. They're unisex, unique, and blend well with ones pheromones. linniDREW fragrances are organic in nature-- designed with natural, imported fragrant oils from India, and Certified 100% Organic Grape Grain Alcohol.

Uses: Spray all over body and hair

Best Paired With: After Shower Oil and FRAGRANT SHEA


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WATER: Lotus Supreme, Vanilla Musk, Damascus Rose

Exotic, Bright, Creamy, Succulent..(forgive them now...they don't know why they're following you).

INDIAN TEMPLE BLISS: Nargis, Fajr, 96 Ruh Gulab

Haunting, Sophisticated, Lingering...(intoxicating)

DESERT SAND: Jannut-ul-Mawa, Vanilla Musk, Ginger, Lemon Grass

Strong, Sensual, Spicy, Memorable... Stirs up Curiosity.  (if you don't have a bae, you'll get two with, DESERT SAND)

SUMMER MAGIC: Brown Sugar, Amber White, Sandlewood, Rue Kewara

Sweet, Musky, Distinctive...(with a light bitterness).

RUMBA: Black Coconut, Fajr, Amber White

Sweet, Sexy, Musk...(makes your sweat smell delicious).

FREEDOM: Brown Sugar, Amber White, Indonesian Patchulli, Black Coconut

Warm, Smoky Resin, Light Musk, Deep, Sultry, Sweet...(you can feel the become FREEDOM with every inhale).