Roll-On Fragrances


Roll-On Fragrances


Our roll-ons are inviting, sexy and convenient. All of our fragrances are unisex and interchangeable.  The roll-ons easily blend with your body’s natural pheromones and smells different on each individual.

Each roll-on contains pure fragrant oils imported from India, that are then created into another fragrance that becomes something exotic and memorable. *alcohol free*

Uses: Dab on wrists, neck, behind ears etc.

Best Paired With: Layer on with After Shower Oils and FRAGRANT SHEAS

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WATER: Lotus Supreme, Vanilla Musk, Damascus Rose

Exotic, Bright, Creamy, Succulent..(forgive them now...they don't know why they're following you).

INDIAN TEMPLE BLISS: Nargis, Fajr, 96 Ruh Gulab

Haunting, Sophisticated, Lingering...(intoxicating)

DESERT SAND: Jannut-ul-Mawa, Vanilla Musk, Ginger, Lemon Grass

Strong, Sensual, Spicy, Memorable... Stirs up Curiosity.  (if you don't have a bae, you'll get two with, DESERT SAND)

SUMMER MAGIC: Brown Sugar, Amber White, Sandlewood, Ruh Kewara

Sweet, Musky, Distinctive...(with a light bitterness).

RUMBA: Black Coconut, Fajr, Amber White

Sweet, Sexy, Musk...(makes your sweat smell delicious).

FREEDOM: Brown Sugar, Amber White, Indonesian Patchulli, Black Coconut

Warm, Smoky Resin, Light Musk, Deep, Sultry, Sweet...(you can feel the become FREEDOM with every inhale).